”He was born in 1920 in Vienna. After his military service, he developed schizophrenia and from 1947 lived at the Landeskrankenhaus Maria Gugging in Klosterneuburg in Austria. In the 1970s, inspired by Leo Navratils, he began to draw.”

”Loneliness and wit – what role do they play in the work of an artist who lives in a psychiatric clinic?Particularly those inhabitants of the Artists’ House at the psychiatric clinic Gugging in Klosterneuburg, founded by the physician and psychologist Leo Navratil who is responsible for establishing acceptance for the art of the so-called mentally ill in the contemporary art scene.”

”Oswald Tschirtner is such an artist. Since 1946, he has lived continuously in psychiatric institutions.Originally he had wanted to become a pastor but studied chemistry after he failed to gain acceptance to study theology. As a soldier in World War II he was held in a French prisoner of war camp, where he began to suffer from psychosis”

Citaten kommer från en text av Jurgen Kisters på Galerie Susanne Zanders hemsida. Läs den intressana artikeln där. Se hans mycket originella bilder.